Light up your TAIL, and add a level of safety to your travels with the PAKMULE TAIL LIGHT. 

Trailer lights are terrible, and every trailer we’ve owned has had the same problems:  wires get snagged, light boxes get crushed, and repairs require splices, connectors and four letter words.  So when developing our Tail Light, we took a long look at our past experience and built a bomb-proof light system for the Tail of your PAKMULE.  ⁠
A fully enclosed and welded aluminum box protects 3 waterproof Grote LED lights, along with our Grote bullet-connector harness for hassle free operation and easy maintenance. Wiring is channeled through a custom aluminum extrusion to prevent wiring snags while off road, provide a sturdy place to stand, and to keep everything super clean and easy to install.⁠
The Tail Light comes as an assembled unit; drop it into place, attach the 3 brackets, plug it in and you’re done. ⁠The whole thing is hassle-free and built like a tank, just like your PAKMULE.⁠
FITS all 3 of our PAKMULE models… light up your Tail today!”
BACKORDERED: Initial release went much faster than expected and customers snatched up our release inventory in only a couple weeks. Don’t worry, we are more TAIL LIGHTS now and should begin shipping again the week of April 26th. Thanks for your support, and your patience!




Product Details


Decking, Pre-installed Grote Light, 4 Pin Flat Connector, mounting hardware

3 LED Lights

Running, brake, and turn signals


24.75” x 6.5”

Made In America

All PAKMULE products are 100% designed and made in America


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