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As an outdoorsman and a father, I am always packing, loading and managing gear.  When I was younger, it was the worst part of each trip, and it constantly took away the experience.  From “how do I fit all this stuff?” to “where is my camera?” it was something I was constantly fighting, and always looking to improve.  I tried plastic boxes on the roof, and numerous models of hitch racks, but nothing worked intuitively, and certainly none of it was easy or safe.  

In 2012 I built the Original PAKMULE, inspired by the rigging on our coastal fishing boat.  The curved edges were easy to be around, and lightweight aluminum construction meant it could haul a ton of gear, but without killing my back.  Over the course of the next year, we put PAKMULE through its paces on everything from South Texas Dove hunts, to family road trips to Colorado and Montana.  Everywhere we went, people were constantly stopping us to inquire about our rack. Why?  Because it was purposefully designed to make accessing your gear easy, and it looked badass!

In 2017, with all our savings put into engineering, testing and inventory, we set out to help others go further; to make great memories of their own by making it easier to Load and Go!  Our purpose is to design gear that continues to help people get away from it all, and to focus on what matters most: Good times with friends and family, and pursuing those hobbies that really drive and rejuvenate you; To create memories that last well beyond the weekend, and a love of outside that will inspire you to conserve it for future generations.

We believe that if we can make it easier to LOAD, we know that you’ll GO more often.  Which is good, because nobody ever said, “I wish I spent more time watching TV”

Happy Trails!

Kansas, Head Adventurer


PAKMULE is committed to ensuring that wild places continue to thrive, whether it’s the restoration of a grassland, or supporting a national park. A percentage of all profits are reinvested to ensure there are places to explore for generations to come.

A Story of American Manufacturing


Everything we manufacture is made in the USA.