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Scout Riser


Scout Riser


With 3 tongue height options, it’s like having 3 PAKMULES in one!

Straight Hitch Tongue

This is our standard offering, and it positions the Scout to come straight out of your hitch.  Fits 90% of vehicles on the market, including Jeeps, SUV’s and Trucks.
– Carry Capacity: 500lbs
– Vehicle Examples: Any Vehicle with at least 14 inches of clearance.  

4” Riser Hitch Tongue

This option positions the Scout 4” above your receiver hitch – great for any vehicle with rear-facing exhaust, including full size trucks and SUV’s, as well as vehicles with a lower hitch height, and vehicles looking for some extra trail clearance.
– Carry Capacity: 300lbs
– Vehicle Examples: Vehicles with Rear-Facing Exhaust, Low Clearance Trucks or SUVs, Off-Road Builds

7” Riser Hitch Tongue

This option positions the Scout 7” above your vehicle’s receiver hitch – Originally designed for the UTV market, this option provides the best departure angle for trail running vehicles. It is also our recommended option for smaller SUV’s, CUV’s, Minivans and sedans with a 2” hitch, and is popular on Tesla, Outback and the Toyota Prius. If you have a vehicle with a 2” hitch receiver that is lower than 14” off the ground, or you are running some heavy trails, this is the best choice for you.
– Carry Capacity: 300lbs
– Vehicle Examples: UTVs, Sedans, Minivans, CUV’s and smaller SUV’s (Not recommend for trucks with a tailgate – 7” height prevents dropping your tailgate fully)

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