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Leave no bike behind!  Gone are the days where you had to choose between hauling your bike, or all your gear.  The PAKMULE BIKE BIT is a fully welded, fork-style bike mount that lets you haul both, and gives you freedom to mount your bikes anywhere on your PAKMULE, so you can dial in your load exactly how you want it.

Mounts easily to the rails of all 4 PAKMULE models, with the ability to mount up to 4 bikes* plus gear!  And it works on all bike types, including Mountain, Gravel, and Road!

Finally a way to Haul It All, for the perfect weekend of riding, camping, high-fives and fire-side smiles.

Load More and Go Further with the PAKMULE BIKE BIT! Compatible with all 4 PAKMULE carriers: Original, Swayback, Ridgeline, and SCOUT.

*4 Bikes may require removing some pedals to nest the bikes easily. 3 Bikes can mount without removing pedals.

The Bike Bit attaches to all PAKMULE models. See Fit and Size instructions in the tab below if you’re not sure which insert your bike requires. 

Fit and Size Instructions

Bike Bit Fitting Instructions

2 reviews for BIKE BIT

  1. trromeo_1311 (verified owner)

    Bike bit, what a great idea, the Scout was a cargo hauler and now its also a bike caddy. Thank you Kansas for your expertise and advise on which bike bit to buy, and everyone that has been so helpful every time I called or e mailed with a question. The bike bit is a well made and thought out product just like your cargo carriers.

  2. Lou (verified owner)

    Bike Bit is a huge addition to my Pakmule! Makes bringing along bikes + gear so much easier. Kansas and the team were exceptionally helpful in helping me, a bike idiot, figure out which bit to purchase. Couldn’t speak highly enough of the product and team.

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