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Straight Hitch Tongue

This is our standard offering, and it positions the Scout to come straight out of your hitch.  Fits 90% of vehicles on the market, including Jeeps, SUV’s and Trucks.
– Carry Capacity: 500lbs
– Vehicle Examples: Any Vehicle with at least 14 inches of clearance.  

4” Riser Hitch Tongue

This option positions the Scout 4” above your receiver hitch – great for any vehicle with rear-facing exhaust, including full size trucks and SUV’s, as well as vehicles with a lower hitch height, and vehicles looking for some extra trail clearance.
– Carry Capacity: 300lbs
– Vehicle Examples: Vehicles with Rear-Facing Exhaust, Low Clearance Trucks or SUVs, Off-Road Builds

7” Riser Hitch Tongue

This option positions the Scout 7” above your vehicle’s receiver hitch – Originally designed for the UTV market, this option provides the best departure angle for trail running vehicles. It is also our recommended option for smaller SUV’s, CUV’s, Minivans and sedans with a 2” hitch, and is popular on Tesla, Outback and the Toyota Prius. If you have a vehicle with a 2” hitch receiver that is lower than 14” off the ground, or you are running some heavy trails, this is the best choice for you.
– Carry Capacity: 300lbs
– Vehicle Examples: UTVs, Sedans, Minivans, CUV’s and smaller SUV’s (Not recommend for trucks with a tailgate – 7” height prevents dropping your tailgate fully)

Need Help Choosing the Right Riser for You? Watch This.

Be aware of proximity to exhaust. Heat from vehicle exhaust can damage paint and can melt cargo products loaded. This is primarily a concern on rear-facing exhaust.

Already have a Scout Carrier and just need the Riser? CLICK HERE


*Please note: Black Scout with 4″ Riser will ship the week of the 24th*


100% ALUMINUM     

100% Aluminum Construction means it’s lightweight and will never rust… for a lifetime of low maintenance!


Made from 70% recycled aluminum material, and shipped with minimal plastic packaging for a better tomorrow.  Every cut and every shaving during our process, is recycled to remove waste during the manufacturing process.


Built in the U.S.A., with U.S.A. materials. We build our products in safe environment, follow EPA guidelines and ensure that our people go home safe. No child labor here. And less carbon emissions than if shipped from the other side of the world. It’s all one Earth, and if you’ve ever experienced an African Dust storm in your hometown, you know that we all share the same air.  That’s why it’s important to do it right, for everyone.  No cut corners. Just good products built right, because it matters.


Pipe construction makes securing your equipment simple, especially when used in conjunction with our MULEstraps. Also makes it easy to carry!  Rounded edges ensure you won’t tear your pants, or bruise your legs.


Our patented anti-wobble design is so good, it’s patented! The SCOUT features a hollow tongue, with a solid 1.5″ threaded insert, and a stainless steel threaded pin that bolt it to your hitch to prevent your rack from dancing while you’re driving. An automotive grade lock is not included with the SCOUT, but is available for purchase to keep the SCOUT safe in your hitch.


Weight: 37 pounds
Capacity: 500 pounds
Outside Dimensions: 56″ x 29″ x 6″
Interior Dimensions: 54″ x 27″ x 3.5″

100% Made in U.S.A. by craftsmen who take pride in every detail. When you buy PAKMULE, you know you are supporting American jobs, and American families.


No Decking necessary on this model. Strategic hole placement for easy handling plus a drilled floor to expel water, snow and sand.


Due to its size, we are able to ship our Scout model UPS Ground. It’s an easy and quick ship method. Current transit time, once it leaves our dock, is 2-4 days, and we offer expedited options at checkout as well.

Every Industry is suffering labor shortages right now, including freight and shipping companies. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee timing of shipping, and are not responsible for freight arriving “on time;” we cannot provide full refunds for freight issues or freight that arrives a day after your trip. Delivery and return shipping costs will be deducted from any returns or refunds.

WARNING: Do NOT load items on the product in front of your vehicle’s tailpipe, due to possible damage or health hazards. Do NOT exceed your vehicle hitch’s maximum tongue weight. Refer to the product installation video available at the QR code [note: include the QR code on the sticker]. It is your responsibility to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure safe product use based on your specific vehicle.

Assembly Instructions

88 reviews for PAKMULE SCOUT

  1. Michael B. (verified owner)

    So far I’m extremely impressed. My Scout is rock solid and very well made. Just put it together and about to put it on my Jeep. Very excited to hit the beach tomorrow.

  2. Mike R. (verified owner)

    Superior craftsmanship, made in USA in Texas. What more needs to be said.

  3. Luke K. (verified owner)

    Excited to use this rack. Yes it’s expensive but way cheaper than upsizing my vehicle.

  4. Stephen K. (verified owner)

    This product is built well.

  5. Jesse G. (verified owner)


  6. Phil P. (verified owner)

    Incredibly solid! Impressive build quality!

  7. Andrew L. (verified owner)

    We are extremely excited about the quality and craftsmanship of our Scout! We were also extremely impressed with how fast our order arrived at our house! We are going to use it for the first time in a few days on our family vacation to Moab, UT!

  8. Steve W. (verified owner)

    Great process and product!

  9. John M. (verified owner)

    Great, quality item, functions as described. Use it on our oyster farm for deliveries with big Yeti.

  10. Larry C.

    My son bought it for me as a father days gift. I love it. It is bigger than I thought it would be, but i am happy with it. It is well made and light enough for me to use.

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