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Did you misplace your pin or your lock? Or maybe the whole kit ‘n kaboodle? Well, get back up and running right here.




When making your selection, you’ll need to toggle each drop down for a selection to build your order. In some cases you might select “no pin” if you only need a lock.


-Pin Only for 2″-2.5″ hitches

-3″ Pin Only for Heavy Duty Trucks (2016 or later F250 & 2022 or later Tundra) with a 3″ hitch (this pin does not work on 2-2.5″ hitches*)

-Lock Only

-Full Lockset

If you need a key, give us a call with your key code and we can cut a replacement. If you lost your keys and do not have your key code, you’ll need a new lock unfortunately (we have hundreds of key codes).

*Sometimes we receive calls from folks trying to install their PAKMULE for the first time, and they believe their pin is too short. NOTE: The Collar on your lock goes into the vehicle hitch. If you’re have trouble getting the lock to engage, loosen your pin some and try again. OR, put the lock collar in the hitch first, then install and thread in your bolt.  Call us if you have any trouble.

Our lock will not work with the hitch on a 2023 Sequoia or 2023 LX600

Product Details

Weight N/A

2" (for vast majority of vehicles), 3" (2016 or later F350s 2022 or later Tundra), No Pin


Lock (includes key), No Lock

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  1. motobruce78

    Simply genius. When I bought my PAKMULE SWAY-BACK™ this no-wobble pin device was probably 50% of my decision criteria. Nothing could be worse for a receiver cargo unit to be rocking and rolling over every single bump or how about the rack being crooked – the look is horrible to have a cheap rack on the back of your ride. This locking pin is simple to use and works – really works. My PAKMULE is tight and does NOT rock. The solid main shaft. of the PAKMULE ensures that you have a secure fit at the receiver and the piece of mind that the whole system is engineered to work perfectly.

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