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PAKMULE is a fully TIG welded beast of a cargo carrier, boasting nearly 12 square feet of cargo space (that’s half the size of a full size pickup bed)!  100% aluminum, PAKMULE will never rust, weighs a mere 42lbs, and yet is burly enough to handle 500lbs of cargo!  Designed to easily secure and access all your gear, our system is made to improve every aspect of your adventure, no matter how rowdy!

Access your coolers contents without unstrapping them? Yep!  Raise the hatch of your SUV so you can kennel your dog?  Uh huh, that too… WHILE LOADED!*

And our locking, anti-wobble connection keeps everything secure, whether you’re crossing a continent or rambling down some backroad.

PAKMULE installs into a 2″ square receiver opening

It’s not just a hitch basket, it’s a PAKMULE.

(*in many configurations. Coolers sizes tested up to a Yeti 65 along outer rail for most vehicles. Larger sizes may not open.)






PAKMULE’s hitch basket was developed for the outdoorsman who obsesses over high quality, functional gear .  Other carriers on the market were clumsy, heavy, and difficult to use, so we made our own.  And its aluminum construction makes it lightweight and easy to carry. And the patented design makes it easy to load and access all your gear, and still raise your liftgate while loaded in most configuration (see video below).

100% welded, PAKMULE doesn’t go together with a bucket of bolts when it arrives. Nope, it arrives fully TIG welded and ready to travel, while remaining resistant to every environment you’ll encounter.  Winter slopes of Silverton for some back country runs?  No Problem.  Coast of baja chasing rooster fish in the surf? Bring it on!  PAKMULE can take it all, and still look great doing it!  Once installed, the innovative locking, anti-wobble connection takes over to keep your PAKMULE stable and secure for the long haul.

Hitch lower than 14″ off the ground? You should consider our Ridgeline model, that includes a built-in 7″ riser!

100% Made in U.S.A. by craftsmen who take pride in every detail. When you buy PAKMULE, you know you are supporting American jobs, and American families.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PAKMULE’s within the lower 48!

SHIPPING:  Due to high volume of orders, it is currently taking us 3-5 days to build your PAKMULE and get it ready to ship. 

We ship Mon/Wed/Fri and current transit time, once it leaves our dock, is 5-7 business days (weekends don’t count).  If you need an expedited 3 day option, we can arrange that with XPO for $100. Please call us for more details.

Every Industry is suffering labor shortages right now, including freight and shipping companies. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee timing of shipping, and are not responsible for freight arriving “on time;” we cannot provide full refunds for freight issues or freight that arrives a day after your trip.  Because of the high cost of freight shipping, there is a 20% restocking fee on all returns or exchanges.

Product Details

Round Pipe Construction

Pipe construction makes securing your equipment simple, especially when used in conjunction with our MULEstraps. Also makes it easy to carry!

100% Aluminum

100% Aluminum Construction means no paint to chip and no rust to destroy… for a lifetime of low maintenance!

Wobble-Free Design

Threaded shaft and a stainless bolt prevents your basket from dancing while you’re driving. Includes a keyed lock.

Designed for Cargo Doors

Strap down your cooler, load it with ice and choice beverages, and then leave it… all weekend! With PAKMULE you can access your secured cooler and still raise your SUV's rear hatch to let Hank out to hunt!
*not all coolers have clearance. PAKMULE is designed for a 65 quart cooler and a rear lifting cargo door. Larger/taller coolers will interfere with cargo doors. Each vehicle is different, and its hitch location will determine which cooler sizes work. PAKMULE does not guarantee this access or functionality. Vehicles with swing cargo doors have greater interference (FJ Cruiser, Mercedes G Wagon, Jeep Wranglers, etc). If you have a rear mounted spare tire, such as a jeep wrangler, PAKMULE "The Original" will not fit. PAKMULE Sway-Back was designed specifically for this application. Check it out!If you have any questions about fit or access, please contact PAKMULE.

Made in America

Fully welded in the U.S.A. No bag of bolts for assembly. No child labor. Done right, because it matters.


Weight: 42 pounds
Capacity: 500 pounds
Outside Dimensions: 69" x 28" x 8.25"
Interior Dimensions: 67" x 26" x 7.25"


Because PAKMULE is HUGE and fully assembled, it is classified as an oversized item. UPS freight is not as fast as ground, and there are some limitations to where they will deliver. If you live in a rural area and have any questions, please contact PAKMULE first. Due to the nature of freight shipping, we cannot guarantee delivery timing. Due to the high costs associated with freight shipping, there is a 20% restocking fee on all returns and exchanges.

116 reviews for PAKMULE Original

  1. Drew G. (verified owner)

    Love you product! Glad it’s made in the USA!

  2. Cameron E. (verified owner)

    Love the product!! Quality!!

  3. Trey S. (verified owner)

    Love my Pakmule!

  4. Kyle D. (verified owner)

    Love it very strong while still being light to be able to install and move

  5. Josh M. (verified owner)

    Best accessory I have bought for my 4Runner. Construction is outstanding and made family trips to the woods and waters doable with all the interior room the Pakmule saves me!

  6. Justin

    I’ve only had my basket for a few weeks now, so can’t confirm the durability of it quite yet. However, compared to everything else on the market you can tell it’s built to last. The welds are legit and I see no reason why this would not last me a lifetime. It’s easy enough to install by myself and once on is rock solid. I could stand on the basket and had the whole truck rocking with it. The customer service is on another level. I spoke to the owner directly and he is just an honest, good guy and his passion for the outdoors is evident. I will definitely be using it for my bike, camping and trips to the hardware store, nursery etc. Like a lot of things, I just assume pay the extra money up front to buy one quality product that will last a lifetime. This is no exception.

  7. G.Polcaro

    I run a machine shop and have been working with metals for 20 or so years and find the build is top notch with quality. 2 inch aluminum bar for the receiver, that’s ridiculous, in a sick way!
    And hats off to the welder, the TIG welds are super clean. I know this product will last forever, great work not cutting corners. To all the clowns on FB with comments of $100 versions elsewhere, good luck!

  8. John D. (verified owner)

    Wow all around. The product is amazing and the service might even top that. The washer binds on my factory Toyota receiver weld, so they shipped me a modified washer today. Email responses were within minutes. The only thing additional that I think it needs is a brake light, and they have that in development. In the interim I’m adding a trailer brake light / turn light from Amazon because we all know how drivers are these days…

    Thanks again for a solid product. We’re taking it to Hatteras this weekend for camping and surf fishing on the beach.

  9. Carr (verified owner)

    Very tough to find quality in the cargo carrier space. I have owned many over the years. They tend to be bulky, heavy, and awkward to attach to a receiver. Not to mention all the bruises inflicted to my shins.

    Super impressed by the Pakmule that I received yesterday. Everything that I had hoped for in a quality carrier.

    Y’all nailed it! Thank you!

  10. Colin R (verified owner)

    I purchased my PAKMULE in early August. Unlike the bulk of you, I didn’t buy it for some outdoorsy adventure filled with the dog, flannel, an SUV and a fly rod. I bought it for the scariest adventure of all…….dropping my daughter off at college for the first time.

    The first thing that struck me was that the tongue of the carrier is made of a solid bar of aluminum. I am a manufacturing guy, I didn’t expect that extra cost – I just assumed it would be tube. The thing is heavy duty, well made and light enough for me to easily handle by myself. It installed quickly and the locking, anti-wobble pin worked just as I had hoped. As a matter of fact, I packed it full of necessities (mini fridge, table, throw pillows and misc. boxes of supplies) and barely noticed it was there during the 6 hour road trip.

    To top it all off, the salty dad tears at drop off will have no effect on the aluminum.

    Great carrier that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for quality!

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