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PAKMULE Pro – Original


PAKMULE Pro – Original


(193 customer reviews)

The PAKMULE Original is the rack that started it all.  A fully T.I.G. welded beast of a hitch rack, boasting over 12 square feet of cargo space (yes, half the size of a pickup bed)!  Made from 100% aluminum, PAKMULE will never rust, weighs a mere 42lbs, and yet is burly enough to handle 650lbs of cargo!

Our Pro series racks feature a solid aluminum tongue (yes a burly, 2″x2″ solid piece of structural grade aluminum right into the hitch) to handle the toughest loads and the knarliest roads.  All Pro series racks are hand welded, and then heat-treated for extra strength right here in Texas.

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.  The pipe frame design of our Pro series units are made for big gear and large loads.  They self clean, resist holding dirt or mud, and provide unlimited spots to wrap your MULEstraps around, to ensure your gear doesn’t go anywhere.

Includes our patented anti-wobble connection that bolts your PAKMULE directly to your hitch, keeping everything secure, whether you’re crossing a continent or rambling down some backroad.  Pro Series racks also include our Stainless Steel lock for added hitch security.

All PAKMULE Hitch Racks feature a patented design that make it easy to raise SUV lift gates, and drop truck tailgates while loaded down with gear to make accessing all your gear easy.*  Otherwise, what’s the point?

It’s not just a hitch basket, it’s a PAKMULE.

PAKMULE installs into a 2″ square receiver opening. With reducers, the PAKMULE will fit in a 2.5″ receiver hitch. If you have a 3″ hitch, be sure to purchase a 3″ hitch pin.

(*in many configurations. Coolers sizes tested up to a Yeti 65 along outer rail for most SUV’s. Yeti 45’s for truck tailgates. Larger sizes may not open.)

Be aware of proximity to exhaust. Heat from vehicle exhaust can damage paint and can melt cargo products loaded. This is primarily a concern on rear-facing exhaust.


100% ALUMINUM     

100% Aluminum Construction means no paint to chip and no rust to destroy… for a lifetime of low maintenance!


Made from 70% recycled aluminum material, and shipped with minimal plastic packaging for a better tomorrow.  Every cut and every shaving during our process, is recycled to remove waste during the manufacturing process.


Fully welded in the U.S.A., with U.S.A. material. We build our products in safe environment, follow EPA guidelines and ensure that our people go home safe. No child labor here. And less carbon emissions than if shipped from the other side of the world. It’s all one Earth, and if you’ve ever experienced an African Dust storm in your hometown, you know that we all share the same air.  That’s why it’s important to do it right, for everyone.  No cut corners. Just good products built right, because it matters.


Pipe construction makes securing your equipment simple, especially when used in conjunction with our MULEstraps. Also makes it easy to carry!  Rounded edges ensure you won’t tear your pants, or bruise your legs.


Our patented anti-wobble design is so good, it’s patented! Boasting a threaded solid aluminum tongue, and a stainless steel threaded pin to prevent your basket from dancing while you’re driving. Includes a stainless steel, automotive grade lock to keep it safe in your hitch.


Weight: 42 pounds
Capacity: 650 pounds
Outside Dimensions: 69″ x 28″ x 8.25″
Interior Dimensions: 67″ x 26″ x 7.25″

Got a rear spare-tire? Check out our low rail SwayBack or The Scout.

100% Made in U.S.A. by craftsmen who take pride in every detail. When you buy PAKMULE, you know you are supporting American jobs, and American families.


The Original ships fully welded and assembled, and therefore ships in a HUGE box.  We ship the Original via Freight Carrier; This is not the UPS Ground or FEDex trucks your normal orders come in – Freight requires an 18-Wheeler for delivery, like when you order a sofa, therefore the freight carrier will call you to coordinate and schedule delivery. Current transit time, once it leaves our dock, is about 5 business days depending on location (weekends don’t count). Rural areas may take longer. Please call us with your address for specific details if needed.

Every Industry is suffering labor shortages right now, including freight and shipping companies. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee timing of shipping, and are not responsible for freight arriving “on time;” We cannot provide full refunds for freight issues or freight that arrives a day after your trip.  Because of the high cost of freight shipping, delivery and return shipping costs will be deducted from any returns or refunds.

WARNING: Do NOT load items on the product in front of your vehicle’s tailpipe, due to possible damage or health hazards. Do NOT exceed your vehicle hitch’s maximum tongue weight. Refer to the product installation video available at the QR code [note: include the QR code on the sticker]. It is your responsibility to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ensure safe product use based on your specific vehicle.

193 reviews for PAKMULE Pro – Original

  1. Steve D. (verified owner)

    I’m in Calif. til tomorrow (dog had surgery), my wife had screw puncture tire and is bringing tire/wheel to car dealer when she picks me up. She put the tire in the Pakmule. We used it for so many different things: snow tires, storage crates, dog crates, and so on. Pakmule is the MVP. It adds an awful lot to a smallish Ford Escape as well as to our mainland Expedition.

  2. Joshua M. (verified owner)

    I read the reviews on dozens of hitch carriers. Yours seemed flawless. Installed it today, as soon as it arrived. It is an amazing piece of gear.

  3. Rosemary Snyder (verified owner)

    Unbelievably excellent product! Fast response to order, and quick delivery! Love this product and this company. They use recycled aluminum and no plastic packaging. The product itself is truly all aluminum, and excellent quality. Don’t buy anything else! And as a bonus, the carrier included an aluminum lock!

  4. Javier F. (verified owner)

    Wanted to thank PAK MULE for supporting the Law Enforcement community!

  5. Stacy Moon (verified owner)

    I use the PAKMULE for all of my multi day rafting trips. It has paid for itself, I don’t have to pay additional shuttle service fee for a trailer….my raft and most of my frame fit on the PACKMULE. I have had it bottom out on some steep climbs and/or water bars….but it’s toughness, makes it practically an heirloom product. For those folks in the white water community, I would not hesitate to recommend this product …..it will add the time of rolling up your raft….but it saves the hassle of maintaining a trailer, licensing the trailer, and the inefficiency of towing a trailer in general.

  6. Bryan J. Ray (verified owner)

    My 12-year-old son and I went on an extended trip that I had planned for almost 2 years. In preparing for the adventure, I came across an ad on FaceBook for PakMule. After research, I decided to make the purchase of my very own PakMule for my 2021 Toyota Venture Special Edition 4Runner.
    I drove a grand total of 6,020 miles from the east coast of Virginia to Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, to land in South Dakota. We enjoyed the Badlands and Rushmore for 3 days. Then, we journeyed on to Yellowstone for 3 days; then, back to Cody, Wyoming, for another 2 days. Then, we went to Idaho for a 3-day hunt. And finally, we travelled all the way back home to Virginia. We never had one problem whatsoever with the PakMule.
    We carried 4 empty coolers during the entire drive out west. We brought back nearly 300 pounds of meat along with 2 frozen animal hides. The PakMule never failed us one time. I’m sold! I would highly recommend this amazing, made-in-the-USA product!

  7. Cheol L. (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering a tough built/large capacity hitch carrier!

  8. Paul J. (verified owner)

    Excited to finally have one of your racks. I’ve always thought it is a fantastic product and I have a deep respect for your commitment to quality and sustainability.

  9. Gil J. (verified owner)

    Had an awesome day at the bay with my new Pakmule. 3 inflatable Kayaks, 1 huge inflatable Platform and a wagon! This carrier turned my SUV into an SUV with a truck bed. My family of 4 had a blast. No need to borrow a truck anymore like have in the past.!! Perfect product for my needs.

  10. Michael M.

    I could get a cheaper basket, but I couldn’t get a better one!

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