We’ve had quite a busy winter and spring! Tradeshows, customer orders, final production deliveries…The business of everything kept us too preoccupied to plan a true PAKMULE launch party. But it all came together on April 30, one of the most beautiful days we’ve had in Texas in months!

As sportsmen ourselves, we knew the launch would revolve around one of our favorite off-season activities… shooting clays! And what better place to host the event than the Greater Houston Gun Club?!

Guests arrived at 4:00 p.m. and were sent to the skeet fields, where trappers were ready to start pulling. After the smoke had cleared the air and hundreds of clays were shattered, it was back to the pavilion to enjoy cold beer provided by our friends at Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Springs. The grill was going strong, too, and we were pulling Nilgai sausage off from a recent harvest. While enjoying eats and drinks, guests watched product demonstrations of our rugged aluminum hitch baskets.

The first vehicle with a PAKMULE locked in and loaded up, a Land Rover LR4, demonstrated that our aluminum cargo carriers are capable of easily carrying the wood and tents needed for camping. Our MULEstraps can also help secure a Yeti 65, creating the perfect setup for a camp kitchen. The MULEstraps allow unobstructed access to your Yeti’s contents, while the Yeti provides a perfect camp table/prep station/cutting board.

The other vehicle on hand was a Chevy suburban set up for hunting season with gun scabbards, shells, bags and a Yeti 65 secured; this setup is what I use personally when traveling on my upland hunting adventures. The 65-quart Yeti holds all my beverages and food, and the MULEstraps allow quick and easy access to its contents. I always hunt with dogs, and it was this reason that spawned the birth of PAKMULE several years ago – for the ability to have all that gear loaded yet still be able to open the rear hatch on my suburban and let the dogs out. Guests were amazed by this, and I found the rear hatch of the suburban constantly lifted and lowered with awe. The other incredible feature that makes PAKMULE the ultimate hitch basket is the locking, anti-wobble feature. When people find it doesn’t wobble, their faces light up!

The afternoon flew by, and we realized we had been at the PAKMULE launch party an hour longer than planned, with everyone still having a great time. And that’s what it’s about: Enjoying good times with friends and family (and dogs) in the great outdoors. We have a nation of amazing parks, mountains, rivers and coasts to explore. Grab a PAKMULE, and you’ll be ready #fortheadventureahead.


Guests enjoying PAKMULE launch party


Demonstration of products at PAKMULE launch party

Loaded cargo carrier at PAKMULE launch party

Enjoying food and drinks at PAKMULE launch party

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