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Choosing the Right Cargo Hitch Carrier for Your Adventure

As an adventurer, you know the struggles of choosing the right loadout for your wild explorations. Packing camping gear, sports equipment, bikes, coolers and more feels like an intense game of organization and space optimization. Getting everything to fit perfectly inside your vehicle cabin is a juggling act, and inevitably you still end up with items precariously stacked, access blocked, and your problem-solving skills put to the test. What if you could enjoy prepping and packing for adventures instead of dreading them?

That's Where PAKMULE Steps In

Our robust cargo hitch racks breathe new life into your adventures by eliminating the need to make everything fit inside your vehicle.

So whether you’re truck camping, upland hunting, Sunday biking or cracking cold ones on the beach we have a setup for you. 

Stop Stressing, Start Traveling with a PAKMULE Cargo Hitch Carrier

When you get a PAKMULE,  you can say goodbye to loadout constraints and restricted storage. Our cargo hitch carriers allow you to securely transport all your gear mounted to the hitch – keeping it safe, organized, and easily accessible without occupying space inside.

PAKMULE offers a versatile options to build your ideal cargo solution. Customize your setup choosing from multiple tongue options, racks, and over 6 attachable accessories. Hauling bikes? We can fit up to 4 mounted outside. Beach adventure?

Getting on the road has never been easier, check out what we have to offer now!

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