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Need a Cargo Hitch Carrier with a Built in Riser?

Introducing the PAKMULE Scout Riser

The PAKMULE Scout is the most versatile rack that we make, and can with our 4 and 7 inch Risers it can fit on a variety of vehicle types with a quick swap of the hitch tongue.

Run it on your SUV during summer family road trips, then easily change the tongue and run it on your UTV in the fall. Tons of versatility to support you on each specific adventure.

The PAKMULE SCOUT is designed for the anyone needing extra space, and weighing in at only 37lbs, the SCOUT makes light work of quick trips. A built-in floor transforms The SCOUT into a workstation for sorting gear. And our patented anti-wobble hitch connection to keep your load stable and secure.

With 3 tongue height options, it’s like having 3 PAKMULES in one!


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