PAKMULE Works Hard

PAKMULE is a fully TIG welded beast of a cargo carrier, boasting nearly 12 square feet of cargo space (that's half the size of a full size pickup bed)!  100% aluminum, PAKMULE will never rust, weighs a mere 42lbs, yet is burly enough to handle 500lbs of cargo!  Designed to easily secure and access all your gear, our system is made to improve every aspect of your adventure, no matter how rowdy! Access your coolers contents without unstrapping them? Yep!  Raise the hatch of your SUV so you can kennel your dog?  Uh huh, that too... WHILE LOADED! And our locking, anti-wobble connection keeps everything secure, whether you're crossing a continent or rambling down some backroad. It's not just a hitch basket, it's a PAKMULE.

Rugged. Tough. Aluminum Construction.
Locking, Wobble-Free Connection.
No-Hassle Cargo Access.
Made in the USA - Because It Matters.
“After filling the bed of my truck to capacity I realized there was only one option to get the rest of my gear on board. 1000 mile road trip and 2 mountain passes the pakmule performed perfectly.”

- Travis B.

“When you buy a product and know it will last you and your children a lifetime and then some, it’s a win win. Believe me when I tell you, this is a great product!”

- Shane M.

“Awesome product, had it for 2 months and it’s already been on 2 long road trips. Fits perfect behind my Tahoe loaded with a 70 qt ice chest and kids stroller.”

- Johnie W.

Where will Pakmule take You?

Whatever your next adventure, PAKMULE can help get your gear there. And you’ll look badass, too.