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In college we had a porch at our rent house. It was magnet for gatherings and gear, and was the perfect spot to kick off our shoes, chat about girls and play guitar into the late hours of the night. It also doubled as a garage for working on bikes, and fixing stuff that was broke.

Fast forward 20 years, and the PAKMULE Porch was created in honor of those great days on the porch.  That magic place where utility and socializing blend into a “do-it-all” space.  The perfect spot to not only haul extra gear while traveling in your Four Wheel Camper, but a spot, out of the dirt, where you can slip into a pair of waders, take off your dusty hiking boots, or to have a stiff drink while watching the sun set on your campsite.

The PORCH package is available with either the ORIGINAL or SWAY-BACK, HALF DECK or FULL DECK, and STIRRUP. Create your perfect configuration below.

From: $1,295.00

1 review for PAKMULE Pro – PORCH

  1. Allie D’Andrea

    I’ve been beating the crap out of my pakmule in the swamps and sand in south Florida and I’m so happy with the quality and functionality of this product. So much space and so well built. It really feels like it will last a lifetime and then some.

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