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Gone are the days when you had to choose between hauling your bike, and hauling your gear.  The PAKMULE BIKE RACK is the only bike rack that lets you haul both, and gives you the flexibility to change out your cargo each weekend, without changing racks.  Haul up to 3 bikes one weekend, and then camping gear the next without any changes or modifications.

Want to camp and ride? No problem! Load it all up on the PAKMULE and have plenty of room for your friends to join you!

Designed to haul up to 3 bikes, our fork-style bike mounts clamp to any of the rails on the rack, so you can adjust them to dial in your load exactly how you like it.  And with our variety of insert options, you can quickly swap out your gravel bike for a downhill bike, or a kids bike for a road bike.

Our lightweight aluminum design not only looks great, it’ll never rust, and it’s made from 75% recycled materials for a better tomorrow! Locks into your hitch for a secure, wobble-free ride.

Finally a way to Haul It All, for the perfect weekend of riding, camping, high-fives and fire-side smiles.

The package includes 3 bike bits: 2 Shorties and 1 Tall Boy.  The additional riser on the Tall Boy is designed to offset handlebars when mounting similar bikes next to one another.





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15mmx100mm Insert, 15mmx110mm Insert, 12mmx100mm Insert, 20mmx110mm Insert, 9mmx110mm insert and Skewer, 9mmx100mm insert and Skewer

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All PAKMULE products are 100% designed and made in America

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1 review for PAKMULE Pro – BIKE RACK

  1. Kyle F.

    I recently discovered that you made the bike bit so I can carry my gear and mountain bike behind me at the same time. Sold! I just used it for the first time on a camping/mountain bike trip to Paris, TX. Needless to say I love this product!!

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